Elena Sparrow buried the man she loved

Елена Воробей похоронила любимого мужчину

Live explicit programme Lera Kudryavtseva “the Secret” one million famous comedian of Russian TV Elena Sparrow told about the tragic events that she had experienced this year. It turns out that Elena buried the man she loved and the father of her child – daughter Sonia.

A businessman named Igor was officially married, but Elena was in love with him that I decided to have a baby from him. Although man financial does not help the Sparrow to her daughter, he helped the woman to buy an apartment. After some time he divorced, but still in no hurry to register their relationships with Elena. It cared little of Warba, and they remained in good relations. And in April of this year occurred the problem – Igor fell from the roof and severely injured his head.
“In April I called and was told that Igor is in a coma. He was cleaning a storm drain, but could not resist. Put my hand on the tile, and the one turned loose, and he fell to the asphalt. He had a fractured skull, half a head and does not exist..” — shares horrible details of Elena.
Sparrow began to save the father of her daughter. Raised. The man was transferred to a separate chamber, improved care, it seemed that his condition is improving – Igor started to open his eyes and move his limbs.
“We didn’t know if he hears us, but always spoke to him. I told him to get better, that we need it, so that it is waiting for daughter and sons..a Fight for his life ended after nine months. We lost” — said Elena. The inheritance of the deceased Elena did not even qualify rages own child.