Lamar Odom is causing concern among fans

Ламар Одом вызывает тревогу у поклонников

Basketball player Lamar Odom is causing concern among fans for a long time, but lately the experience of fans of the TV star husband of Khloe Kardashian, with whom she agreed to divorce last week, very reasonable.

This weekend the player the Los Angeles Lakers saw coming out of the doctor’s office. He was depressed, and his hands were bandaged. Eyewitnesses reported that the blood flow with his both hands and dripped to the Parking lot where he was headed to the car. Decide whether Lamar to do something with myself, upset because of a fat point in his marriage and rumors about the impending wedding of Kardashian with Tristan Thompson?
Recall that with Chloe they broke up a few years ago. The woman filed for divorce, tired of cheating, drinking husband. Several times he begged her forgiveness, but the demons won and deprived her of all hopes for a normal marriage with the athlete. Kardashian said that getting a divorce but Odom was against, and many months did not go on contact, hiding, until October last year nearly gave up the Ghost in one of the brothels of Nevada. Chloe came to him and was there until the moment n got to his feet. Fans of the couple hoped now wiser Lamar throw to break the wood, but there it was: the man relapsed and Chloe began to force the divorce. And recently, in Cleveland, she came out with her lover Tristan Thompson and on the ring fingers of their was seen of the ring with the same logo – is not the occasion to talk about the impending wedding?