Елена Преснякова о смертельном ДТП: «Я в шоковом состоянии» The car of the actress in which she returned from the concert, knocked down a pedestrian on one of the sections of the Leningrad highway. From the received traumas the man died. Elena Presnyakova was riding in the passenger seat beside the driver. Law enforcement authorities conducting pre-investigation checks on the fact of failure.

      The soloist of group “VIA Gems” Elena Presnyakov back to his Lexus from the concert in Tver. The driver was 69-year-old personal driver stars. He knocked down a man crossing the road in the wrong place. From the received traumas the pedestrian died. The accident occurred in the night of Sunday, August 28, on the Leningrad highway in the Klin district of the Moscow region. However, the details of the incident became known only now.

      Presnyakov was in the time of the accident in the passenger seat. “StarHit”” contacted the artist to find out what really happened.

      “I’m in shock condition. The driver went to the police, understands. The man was clearly drunk. Jumped out, directly rushed under the car. I was not injured, was traveling at a low speed. I’m in such a state that today is very scattered… I’m so sorry the dead man and my driver, who was in such a situation”, – said Elena Petrovna.

      According to police, the identity of the man who became the victim of the accident is not established yet. Presumably, lost about 35-40 years. The investigators find out who was responsible for the accident. According to preliminary information, the pedestrian was crossing the highway in the wrong place, at the site, where there is no pedestrian crossing markings and installed traffic lights.

      Law enforcement reported that Lexus really belongs to the singer Presniakovas. Despite the fact that the victim in the accident immediately hospitalized, to help him failed. He received injuries resulting in death.

      The news about the accident with participation of the soloist of group “VIA Gems excited the public. This is the first accident in the life of Elena Presnakova. Users of social networks are actively discussing the incident. Some believe that this part of the route the driver could not observe the speed limit, so did not have time to slow down on seeing a pedestrian. Others believe that the fault lies entirely on the pedestrian as he was crossing the road in the wrong place.

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