Анна Матисон сразила публику идеальной фигурой после родов The wife of Sergei Bezrukov was first published after the birth of her daughter. The Director presented his film “Prokofiev: on the way”. Appearing at the event, Anna matison created a furor. Those present could not fail to note her youthful appearance.

      Most recently, stage Director Anna matison first became a mother, giving the beloved wife of Sergei Bezrukov daughter Masha. The baby was born in early July, and a month later her mother was able to go out and demonstrate a perfect figure. Anna matison flashed at the event “movie Night”, in which he introduced his new film “Prokofiev: on the way”. The Director was dressed in a bodycon dress in maroon color, which emphasized her waist. Participants were amazed by the appearance of celebrities – many noted that it literally shines with happiness, and motherhood is clearly her face.

      Happy spouse of a Director, reporting the successful screening of matison, could not hide his pride for her. Sergey Bezrukov has placed in his microblog post on such an important event in the life of his wife. “Movie night” continues! Who was at the premiere of Prokofiev’s” in “October”? Please share your impressions! Those who did not – rent from the 8th of September! From myself personally I congratulate Anya with a wonderful directorial work – script, installation – all of it! Anya feels fabulous music! Bravo! Bravo to all who worked on this film! And, of course, Maestro Gergiev with his fantastic Mariinsky orchestra!”, – posted by famous artist.

      Sergey Bezrukov has shared a new picture of little girl

      Fans of the doctor began to leave comments about his wife. Many noted that young woman with the birth of the child acquires a special charm that is impossible not to notice even in the photos. The others hastened to share impressions from viewing other pictures taken by Anna matison – “milky way”, which was presented to the public last year.

      “Anya is great! Respect her directorial work. What are you, Sergei Vitalyevich, what your wife is undoubted talents, Such as Anna is now very small. I watched it on the channel “Culture” and was amazed at how she is talented and smart, Good looks, and after only a month has passed after birth. Clever, beautiful,” he left their comments fans of the star family.

      By the way, Sergey Bezrukov is willing to communicate with subscribers of his microblog. The actor responds to many comments, making it clear that everyone’s opinion is valuable and important. The man thanked fans for their attention to his work and the work of his wife, and also agreed that after a month and a half after giving birth, she looks stunning.

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