Дарья Пынзарь заговорила о разводе Ex-participant reality show “House-2” discusses how to save your marriage. Daria Pynzar knows that in any relationship, sometimes there is a misunderstanding, but as already to resolve disputes – the hard work of both spouses.

      Mother of two adorable children Daria Pynzar recognized that the relationship between spouses, sometimes, there are misunderstandings that often cause a couple to think about divorce. Ex-participant reality show “House-2” does not hide that in their relations with Sergey as there are crises. The woman says if you want to save the marriage. During the development of any novel, the lovers are faced with the fact that they have to know each other not only positive sides, but also see some disadvantages that can greatly affect the family environment.

      “The relations we have several stages, and the fate of your marriage depends on what time you signed your Union. Some marry in a month, some 10 years later, so let’s not even talk about divorce, and about the breakup. The first stage of a relationship is getting acquainted and trying to impress. At this time we agree with everything and do try to please, generally this time, you can skip this article as it is and without the advice is all good. Lapping is when he and she start showing their interests, when we learn to live together, very often this period quickly married couples is the cause of divorces. I think this is something that can be avoided,” writes Pynzar in his blog.

      She believes that when people start living together, they learn to understand each other. Each partner learns the other, it is in fact, not panes of rose-colored glasses of love. During this period, according to Daria, and skirmishes. Everyone tries to assert their rights, if one of the pair is stronger than the other and dominates him, he begins to take things into their own hands. In the case where there reigns equality of the spouses, they begin to constantly argue with each other. To more thoroughly explain the psychology of marriage, Pynzar tells how to develop her relationship with her husband.

      Daria Pynzar: “My husband is my first man”

      “Sergei is my first serious relationship. Of course, I acted like a blind kitten, tried everything that came to hand: and jealousy is aroused, and tried to be good, but what I realized is that the main thing – to be a partner that will want your man. Ideally, the wife does not want to divorce, this sexy comrade,” said Daria.

      Despite the fact that the couple may have serious conflicts, according to Pynzar through with the divorce is not worth it. “I believe that family is sacred and it must be stored until the last if there is love, do not need to follow standards and watch the neighbors, you need to listen to yourself and understand how you feel good and comfortable,” added the ex-participant reality show.

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