Elena Letuchaya preparing for baby’s arrival

Елена Летучая готовится к появлению ребенка
The presenter told us that it intends to become a large mum.

Elena Volatile and Yuri Anashenkov

Photo: @Instagram elenapegas Helena Fly

Elena Letuchaya admitted that dreams of a big family. The TV presenter, who became last summer a married lady, said that future plans to become a large mum. According to her, she with her husband, Yuri Analogovym hope that will soon significantly expand their family.

Have Flying has a lot of experience with children and she knows how to perfectly cope with them. This skill helped her to build relationships with children of a spouse from a previous marriage. “I already have family of their dreams — I have a great relationship with the parents of the Jura, with his sister and children from a previous relationship. For the holidays we’re going with the whole family — come my mom and dad, family, Jurassic, and we’re having a great time… I was an only child, so childhood dream of a large family. I hope we have a Jura is not one or even two babies. I like children very much and want our family even more!” quotes Elena Woman.ru.

By the way, the couple recently returned from vacation in Costa Rica. The couple prefer an active rest, so most of the holidays spent in motion. Elena and Yuri mastered in Costa Rica surfing. However, not without injuries. One of these days Flying fell into the sea from the Board and was seriously injured.

By the way, Elena and her husband are avid travelers. Even their wedding the couple were not organized in Moscow and in Greece on the beautiful island of Santorini. One of the favorite places of rest of the Fly and her husband — the Maldives. There are, incidentally, spent their honeymoon.