Madonna has shared the first photos of their twins

Мадонна поделилась первым фото своих близнецов
The singer confirmed the fact of adoption.

Мадонна поделилась первым фото своих близнецов

Madonna with adopted twins Esther and Stella

Photo: @madonna Instagram Madonna

Madonna has finally admitted that once again became
a foster mother, this time two girls — Esther and Stella. “I’m officially
confirm that you have completed the process of adopting twin sisters from Malawi. Happy that they became part of my family. I am extremely grateful
to everyone who helped me make this possible!” the singer wrote on social
network. And tweeted a photo, which she’s holding two
pretty but very skinny girls hands.

Lourdes sisters Esther and Stella


Thus, found its resolution very strange situation, which managed to emerge before the advent of the Network this photo and comment of the singer. The fact that the first reports on the completion of the adoption process appeared in the press a couple of weeks ago. And they came from anyone else but from officials Malawian officials. However, Madonna herself strongly denied that he was preparing again to become a foster mother. And only after on the eve of a statement about the event made by press Secretary of the Supreme court of Malawi and the judge gave her permission for adoption, the singer confirmed that she will take with him to the U.S. two new daughters. This was first reported by the online edition of The Mirror.

Became known the details concerning the adopted girls. Four-year-old twins came to the shelter two years ago. Their mother died just a week after their birth, from complications after cesarean section. And their father was unable to take care of them, as I lost my job. So he decided to give the girls in the orphanage. Here they are and I saw Madonna in the summer of 2016, when once again arrived in Malawi on charity business.

Despite the fact that this is one of the poorest countries in Africa, adoptions by foreigners are welcomed here too. However, Madonna has already done a lot for this country: investing in there its own funds and helps raise involved, and regularly come here in order to monitor the implementation of projects in the field of health and education, So she was in a special situation. In addition, local officials have the opportunity to see that with two other children, adopted her earlier from this country in 2006-m and 2009-m years, all right. Because 11-year-old mercy and David regularly come here with her. This time the singer was accompanied by her eldest daughter Lourdes from her boyfriend Carlos Leon. A photo of her with the twins also appeared in the microblog singer. As for the eldest son of singer Rocco, he was in the court’s decision, he currently lives with his father guy Ritchie in London.