Жена Джейми Оливера потеряла ребенка на третьем месяце беременности
Jules wants to get pregnant again.

Jamie Oliver with his family

In his recent interview with the online edition of dailymail.co.uk
Jules, the wife of famous chef and TV presenter Jamie Oliver first told
about happened it is more than sad stories. “I lost a child when
was three months… because Of this horrible memory I panic
every time I learn that again “in position”. In the end, I couldn’t
enjoy the first months of pregnancy!” she confessed.

Besides, as told to Jules when she and Jamie got married, she was not immediately able
to get pregnant. For this it is a couple of years passed intensive hormonal treatment.
And only after the birth of their first child, daughter poppy honey everything will work out.
Just four months after the birth of their daughter, Jules found that she
pregnant again. And this time she did not have to resort to this
the help of doctors.

To date, the family of Jamie Oliver already
five children: 14-year-old poppy honey, 13-year-old Daisy Boo, 7-year-old petal,
6-year-old buddy Bear and baby river rocket, who is only 6 months. “Now
we a difficult period. Us awake with Jamie manages very little. But the kid brings
us so much joy! I never said that decided to “draw a line” under the plan
even to fill up our family. I’m getting older, but still
I will try to give birth again if I get!” — said Jules.

Recall that some time ago, Jamie announced his
intention to go through an operation that would prevent it in the future just to have another
more children. It was decided that five is enough. But, as
said Oliver, Jules strongly opposed to his plan. “Wife I don’t
allowed… She too loves children!” — told Jamie.