Елена Летучая вышла замуж в Греции

The former host of “Revizorro” married Yuri Anashenkov.

37-year-old TV presenter and her boyfriend, businessman Yury Panasenkov decided to get away from everyone and have a romantic wedding ceremony. Chose for the celebration of the Greek island of Santorini, which is one of the most romantic Islands in the world. The wedding itself was modest, the bride and groom invited to the ceremony only the closest people. But the incredibly beautiful sea views and luxurious wedding gown by Vera Wang quite compensated for the lack of pomp and pomposity.

By the way, is usually generous with photographs, this time Elena was limited to only a pair of frames, which, though not completely, but still convey the solemnity that is inherent in any wedding ceremony. Fans, by the way, do not lose hope that their favorite will upload later the full report, because we all remember how the presenter quickly broadcast your own bachelorette party on instagram.

Presenter doesn’t like to talk about personal and carefully hides the private life from strangers. The beloved presenter, businessman Iurie Anashenkov, talking only after her departure from the program…

Then everyone thought that the blonde with nerves of steel do not get along with the TV guide, or simply expecting a baby. Here, Elena and I had to dispel speculation and to confess that it was not, and she’s happy with the person. And wants to start a peaceful life without the constant travel and fighting in the frame.

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The couple met in the most romantic day of the year – Valentine’s day in 2015. a year later, on the same day, Yuri made his beloved proposal. And she for the first time agreed.

“I have waited many years for meeting with such a man. First time accepted the proposal of marriage. I’m finally happy,” admitted telediva”Antenna”.

For Elena this marriage was the first, but the jury until the meeting with the television star lived for six years in a civil marriage with the mother of his son. All in all, Yuri had two children. And he continues to see both.

“I respect him for his attitude to his sons. For the fact that Yura cares for them, how to educate, despite the fact that do not live with their mothers. I marvel at his patience, and the ability to build relationships. Still, the woman could not raise the boy a real man,” said Bat in an interview with Wday.

At the same time, it is near Jura Flying for the first time were able to relax. And provide the solution to all worries to him.

“He knows just what you need. Yuri is very attentive. I spent many years trying to learn to play the piano, take lessons, but a good tool was not only old. So I wanted a new, modern, compact and to fit into the interior. So Jura on a birthday gave it to me!, remembered Elena. – If we are not able to go somewhere to relax, he brings me a longboard. Bought me and himself, and go together to ride. Coolest – when I look to with the beloved man in one vector. Yura is also the sport means a lot in life. He plays hockey, and Boxing enjoys. I also make gifts that would be pleasing to him and useful. I bought a ticket for 20 Boxing classes with a good coach. Jure liked the walks. If somewhere to go, we never just relax. Another day can be spent in a relaxed state, but then we need a Board, skis or something else, to move somewhere, to do something. We have a Jura a great love of life, want to try. I’ve always been terribly curious”.

Lena says that she was lucky to meet someone who is looking in the same direction.

“We’re like Yin and Yang. Similar in many ways. First of all we have the same position in life. Jura is a very responsible, very kind, and, most importantly, he makes me feel woman. It seems so elementary, but we communicate with friends and realize that men have ceased to take responsibility, and women no longer feel close to them, – confessed the star. – I feel weak next to Yura. Favorite. And in turn, I want to give him. This is not the story of those: you owe me, you owe me. We are very good together. We cherish each other. That’s about what this story is. And then someone writes that he is an oligarch. Nonsense. No matter what”.

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