Участница шоу «Холостяк» попала на хирургический стол Favorite Maxim Cherniavsky went under the knife to change lives. The girl decided to breast augmentation. According to Polina Subbotina, if she has beautiful Breasts, my love she will find much faster.

      Участница шоу «Холостяк» попала на хирургический стол

      After a failed romance with Maxim Cherniavsky finalist of the show on TNT “the Bachelor” Polina Subbotina still looking for love. To more like men, the girl working on her body. Recently Pauline has decided to make a serious change – she went to the surgeon to enlarge Breasts.

      “Pauline did not seek large amounts, just wanted to complement your just – says “StarHit” the candidate of medical Sciences, plastic surgeon Tagir Faizullin from the clinic “Cactoblastis”. – So she picked up the anatomical implants 360 ml. all Passed quickly, the operation lasted about an hour. No complications were. It is, of course, was a little worried, but I reassured her, convinced that everything will be fine. I left a very good impression of her. Polina is a really cute girl, she’s nice to talk to, she is very educated”.

      Участница шоу «Холостяк» попала на хирургический стол

      She is the star of “the Bachelor” have long been preparing for such a move, because after the show wants to link their lives with television, and, in her words, the screen needs to look the part.

      “My size was “unity”, and of course, I wanted more. About “numbers” I had my doubts, watching pictures, consulted with friends, eventually chose, I think, the perfect size for themselves – “C grade” – says “StarHit” Subbotina. – Honestly, I was really scared, even had dreams about operation: direct real Thriller, all the details. Woke up in fear! As it turned out, my fear was really nothing. The pain is felt, but not strong, and for the sake of such beauty it is possible to endure! Before a surgical table, the excitement is gone thanks to Dr. Taher the Rishatovich – he inspires confidence as a true professional.
      Участница шоу «Холостяк» попала на хирургический стол

      Now Pauline was discharged from the hospital, where she spent the day after anaesthesia in a private room. “Chest hurts a little, – the girl admits. – Pulls like you overdid it at the gym, but overall I feel good. Look at yourself in the mirror with joy, and have chosen a new wardrobe – the old blouses and dresses are not secure”.

      Recall that in the show “the Bachelor” Pauline reached the final. In her confession, she managed it due to the fact that feelings for Maxim Cherniavsky she was sincere. She fell in love with “the bachelor” just on the first date, which took place in Hawaii.

      “There I felt shivers run over the skin. Somehow it all turned out: op! and all I realized that I was starting to fall in love.” But the coveted rose Subbotina not received after meeting max’s with her parents – he came to them in Thailand. After moving to Moscow, Subbotina tried himself in the role of the producer of glossy magazine and has now opened his own firm, providing services of makeup and selection of style.

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