Дженнифер Энистон не пожелала забрать прах своей матери
The actress did not forgive his mother even after her death

Jennifer aniston’s mom

Photo: Instagram.com

The latest news that spread according to the Hollywood
shocked fans of the 47-year-old actress Jennifer aniston. The fact is that according to the publication In Tonch, the actress flatly refused
pick up from the crematorium the ashes of his late mother, Nancy! The actress gave a very
unintelligible explanation for his refusal, saying that she has no place to store the urn…

With his mother, Nancy Dow, who died in
this year at the age of 79 years, aniston has been a very complicated relationship. As
says the actress, they started to fight back in those days, when Jennifer
I was a teenager. Nancy continuously criticized the daughter and did not want to support
a girl in her schemes and intentions. Then things got worse: when aniston became
star, Dow wrote a memoir, “From mother and daughter to friends: a Memoir”
that put aniston in a very unfavorable light. Since this happened in
1996, Jennifer made the contact with his mother to a minimum. They say they don’t
met almost 20 years.

But this year, when it became known that Nancy hard
sick and, apparently, will soon leave this world, Jennifer is still visited
mother. But too late – she already was so bad that he could not speak.
It is not known even found out whether she is the daughter of…

And after the death of Dou Jennifer suffered a new blow:
she learned that her mother even mentioned her in his will! Not that
Aniston was sorry that he had not received the remaining after the death of Nancy million
of dollars (although that is a serious sum even for a wealthy person, as
Jennifer). Actress mortally offended by the fact that the mother took it off
will. Besides, aniston is very upset by the fact that the manuscript
unpublished fragments of the same book, in which she quarreled with
Nancy Dow bequeathed to someone from distant relatives. And now, it’s quite
perhaps the dirt could fall into the hands of ill-wishers of the actress…

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