Елена Летучая привередлива в выборе образа The presenter carefully thought out outfits and makeup. Elena Letuchaya pays special attention to how she appears in public. Star air never agrees with the opinion of stylists, if she personally does not like what is being offered.

      Елена Летучая привередлива в выборе образа

      TV presenter Elena Letuchaya famous thanks to his unbiased opinion, and rigor in the program “Revizorro”. She didn’t spare unscrupulous restaurateurs, trying to reveal the truth to the public. Flying kept himself strictly and even a little tough during work in the frame. Many viewers attracted not only how Elena keeps on shooting, but her flawless appearance. Fans admire what the presenter chooses outfits for appearances on the air and social events. Fans also noted that the makeup of the stars is always on top, even if Elena does not use the services of professional makeup artists.

      As it turned out, Flying rather carefully think through every way. Taught by bitter experience of the first broadcasts in the early career, when she looked not the way she wanted, now she pays special attention to what is appearing in front of an audience.

      “If I think I look bad, I don’t go out on the street. If I am not satisfied with how I shaped her, I’m not out on the track. If I don’t like how I’m dressed, I will not stand in the frame. Early in my career I had several shots that were done without discussing with me — I look at them now and it hurts. Now I’m not allowed to bring an armful of clothes and say, “You look so” — I disagree, I don’t work,” said Bat.
      Елена Летучая привередлива в выборе образа

      However, the 37-year-old celebrity not shy about his face without the makeup. Not so long ago Volatile shared with her fans a selfie, which she did immediately after waking up. Fans appreciated the appearance of the presenter without makeup.

      In choosing clothes Flying tries to focus not only on beauty, but also for convenience. Elena tries not to disappoint her fiance Yuri Anashenkov. Elena admitted that the opinion chosen for her authority. Elena Volatile, “the Bridegroom for me and friend and lover”

      For example, the presenter wondered how to react to Yuri on her favorite jeans. “They superaverage, high waist. I used to think that they don’t like my fiance — he loves the elegance and classics — until one day he said that they are cool. Even if they do not emphasize neither the priest nor the legs but comfortable and beautiful,” said Bat in an interview with Grazia.

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