Дана Борисова очарована новым ухажером Presenter cultural rest in the absence of his daughter. Dana Borisova sent the kid to the beach to grandma, and she was at this time enjoying romantic relationships in the capital with the man of her dreams.

      Дана Борисова очарована новым ухажером

      Lou Ferrigno seems to have regained happiness. In early summer, the famous TV presenter experienced a loud divorce. Her marriage with businessman Andrey Troshchenko did not last a year. However, the star was able to quickly heal wounds.

      Returning from the Crimea, Dana said about the new novel. If this mysterious boyfriend she named the man of her dreams. The name of the chosen one, the star keeps a secret. It is not necessary to describe in detail about the development of relations with cavalier. Leaving the daughter with her grandmother in the Crimea, Borisov walks in the summer capital in the company of a new friend.

      “Today, together with the man of my dreams had a wonderful day. Wandering through the Old Arbat, ate ice cream and watched the street musicians” – shared TV presenter.

      Meanwhile, This good mood was slightly marred by one mishap. Borisov found out that its gadgets have lost all the photos from the wedding. Attackers stole valuable materials. Leading in despair because, despite the fact that her family life did not work out, for the celebration she was preparing with all my heart. Besides, it was the first and only wedding stars – the memory of it will surely remain in The heart for a lifetime.

      My phone and computer hacked and erased all photos from the wedding. Who would it be? It’s a shame to tears,” admitted the star.

      Recall unpleasant events associated with divorce Borisova, caused a great resonance in social networks. In order to restore emotional balance after a difficult period, the presenter disappeared from public sight for a month. Followers were somewhat concerned that Borisov no longer publish photos in your microblog, because she’s been in contact quite often. It turns out that the star has decided to retire on the shores of the Black sea.

      Dana Borisova was hiding from the public in Crimea

      “Friends, forgive me that for so long was gone! After what happened, I’m a month off the phone and flew to mom Pauline in the Crimea, about much thought. Now meet me in a new way after the gorgeous eyelash”, – explained his absence was Given. Borisov now back in Moscow, and she is actively happy personal life.

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