Алсу публично заявила об увеличении губ The pregnant singer told about the method it uses. Alsu protested the speculation that she injected a chemical to increase lip volume. In fact, the star doesn’t do anything complicated.

      Алсу публично заявила об увеличении губ

      Alsu is a late-term pregnancy. Quite soon it will have a third child. The child’s gender is still unknown. Eldest daughter of the stars Safin and Mikella and her husband, businessman Ian Abramov, looking forward to the birth of the baby.

      And while fans of the stars with interest looking at the social networks of her new photos with a rounded tummy. However, instead of supporting Bella during the pregnancy, some of the followers trying to catch her to what she really did. So, evil tongues are accusing the singer in the use of beauty injections. Supposedly the last pictures on the social network the artist is unnaturally plump lips.

      “Post smart guy, smart and “well-wishers”, which in recent years has been particularly active trying to prove to everyone and, first and foremost, it seems, themselves, and me too, I spent some procedure to increase the lips. Well, I, of course, in their opinion, doing these super manipulation of the needles and the introduction of any obscurity in your body right now, another more “suitable” time could not find. So, my dear, open your mega-secret, and show you photos taken today with a difference of only 1 minute!”, intrigued of podeschi Alsu.

      It is worth noting that the photographs “before” and “after” lips stars do look different. The photo on the right they are visually bigger. To achieve this effect Alsou uses simple remedy that is sold in every store cosmetics. The singer deliberately shared his secret with podeschi, so they didn’t have to spend large sums on transformation.

      Pregnant Alsu no longer hide rounded tummy

      “It turns out, so easy and completely painless to add volume using a normal pencil for the lip contour. And who would have thought, it’s just fantastic. Understand why this version is not visited some “experts”. I usually don’t pay attention to such nonsense, but I thought the summer window, why not share this elementary and fast way with pretty girls. Yeah, I really wanted to see that justice is done,” wrote the star in his microblog.

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