Elena Letuchaya apologized for leading a new “Revizorro”

Елена Летучая извинилась за новую ведущую «Ревизорро» The celebrity was unhappy that Olga Romanovskaya came to check in the place where celebrated the wedding. She apologized for the actions of his successor. Celebrity also noted that the former soloist of group “VIA Gra” can always go to her for help or advice.

      Елена Летучая извинилась за новую ведущую «Ревизорро»

      Once the lead anchor in the program “Revizorro” after Helena of Flying took the singer Olga Romanovskaya, some loyal fans still can’t accept the new bluesteelnet quality catering. The fans literally bombarded by questions Flying and even complaining to her former soloist of group “VIA Gra”, which took its place. Elena decided not to deprive of attention the experiences of the fans and explained the situation.

      Loyal fans of the program recalled Flying about a recent conflict that broke out Olga in Chelyabinsk. In one of the cafes that caught the attention of the producers of the program, held a wedding, but this fact did not stop the creators of the transfer from checking. Leading the former had no choice as to apologize for his successor.

      “When I did “Revizorro”, I had a clear Directive: any occasion anyone we his people no harm. If we saw that in a cafe to celebrate – we turn around and leave. I don’t know why Olga did it, I believe that any occasion to people you can not spoil. Dear Chelyabinsk, I apologize for leading new Olga to Romanovsk, young, green, didn’t understand what he was doing. Because “Revizorro” still applies to me, I apologize for new leadership”, – appealed to the fans Bat in his video blog.

      Elena realizes that Olga is only beginning its journey as a leading, and therefore once more reminded that she is ready to share its experience, and in Romanovskaya can at any time to contact her for help or advice. Moreover, Volatile had already influenced his successor, advising her to choose the more modest outfits in which she appears on the set. Former leader noted that now Olga prefers to wear modest skirts pencil.

      Romanovskaya but she was fully prepared for the fact that it will compare with the previous leading. She understood that Flying a huge number of fans who were unhappy that a popular now transfer to be Elena. Olga recalled that the proposal to come to the casting as the lead was a real surprise.

      The author of “Revizorro”: “compared to Lena Fly, I’m cute!”

      “The offer arrived unexpectedly, he told her “StarHit” the former soloist of “VIA gra”. – The year I started not very successfully: in Turkey, we were robbed a taxi driver, then the hotel would not let me out for the attack, and at the dock in Israel due to customs cavity search I children missed the flight to Kiev. When I called my agent Yuri Borisov said that I was invited to audition for this program, I was surprised. I went through all the stages, the first program is already filmed. The experience is not great, but it amazes me even what I had seen. Until you get used to this routine, join”.

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