Sergey Lazarev: “I realized that I had shown weakness”

Сергей Лазарев: «Я понял, что показал слабость» The singer who will represent Russia at the Eurovision song contest in Stockholm, told the “StarHit” why at a concert in St. Petersburg, he fainted, and who considers the main rival at the upcoming music competition.

      Сергей Лазарев: «Я понял, что показал слабость»

      Artist this year represents our country at Eurovision with a track You Are the Only One, written for him by Philip Kirkorov. We met with Lazarev before his departure to Stockholm. In an interview, he came in a grey shirt and jeans, a little bit not enough sleep, but invariably with the perfect styling…

      “Recently got a haircut,” smiles the singer. – And for the future. To the hair before the performance a little bit has grown back at the temples and went perfectly.” Sergey told to “StarHit”, why not take relatives to the “Euro” when approached with the father, spoils his niece, and supports the family of the deceased brother.

      Native blood

      Сергей Лазарев: «Я понял, что показал слабость»Family support needs at a distance. When relatives appear next, I included the effect of guardianship. Distracted. Mother Valentina, for example, doesn’t speak English, it will be lost abroad. And I’m going to stress – eat or no where. She herself understands the seriousness of the situation. With pleasure, “maybe more” at home.

      -That in St. Petersburg at the concert I fainted, my mother found out within two minutes, the doctors had not yet come. She communicates with my fans, they know her number. And here “good” fans threw mommy video. I couldn’t even comfort her at that moment because I was with the doctors who provided first aid. Your mom and I talked my Director said that I was all right. Mom always scolds for not saving myself. After this incident came to me in a relationship, and I felt that showed weakness.

      Fainting at the concert Lazarev shocked the fans VIDEO

      For me it is very difficult: in front of everyone, in such an important hall – concert hall. We brought up a show, light, scenery. Now, I realize this is a lesson we need to take seriously the regime’s own life. Plus the day before the concert I didn’t eat anything because I was rehearsing. Such also not be allowed.

      To the mother rested from the experience, in the summer to send her to sea. Now choose where to go. Try to please surprises for no reason. Souvenirs from a tour she was asked not to bring, so buy the right things: a bag, jewelry. And she told me knits: scarves, hats, sweaters, mittens. All happy to wear. Niece Alina is a big girl, also receives gifts. But so as not to spoil. She needs to know the price of everything and earn – good behavior, good grades. Give phones, technology, now it is waiting for a bike for his birthday. Soon it will be delivered.

      Сергей Лазарев: «Я понял, что показал слабость»With the father we have become closer lately. Find out how each other’s business by phone. Same with my brother Andrew, his son from his second marriage. Unfortunately, it turns out rarely to see. Andrew monitors music updates, for following my work. Recently, together with his father was on the show in the Theater of Pushkin, they liked it, dad praised. For me it is very valuable. Brother is also talented, evolving in different directions, learns languages. From the vocals it really far. But sings my niece even joined Neposedy. With the bride of his brother Paul, who died early, Tatiana and her daughter Tanya, I, too, support the connection. We talk on the phone. It’s not strangers… people I Recently met, when was our anniversary. We sat and talked, remembered. All Pasha is not enough.Sergey Lazarev has told how he survived the loss of a brother

      In March and April was in Moscow just three or four days, the rest of the time spent on the road. When I’m home, I have an eternal Groundhog day. Slept in, washed my clothes. Culinarily, for do not love yourself, so warm up that is ready in the fridge. Salad if you want to cut – as a child he loved to do. What is included in the Olivier, Vinegret, you know. But the soup is not exactly cooked. The slow cooker is already half a year did not learn to use it. Yes and no.

      Full scan

      Сергей Лазарев: «Я понял, что показал слабость»

      – The crisis I feel I pressed. Wiser trying to manage money. Creative but necessary expenses, it is necessary to keep: I spend a lot on costumes, sets, recording songs, shooting music clips. Now it’s almost not possible to defer, to save. Therefore, the arrangement of the villas in the suburbs will do later. Recently finished the construction of a second summer house. It is two-storeyed, wooden, cozy and not pretentious.

      Long drink vitamins to keep myself in good shape. Full complex. And going through half-yearly examination: check the head, heart and everything else. Give blood – see what’s happening to me. Everyone should do the so-called check-up once a year, not to run the disease when it appears. Especially with such frequent flights-traveling, in stressful situations, the body can’t always cope.

      Philip, helping with under the cooking to the “Eurovision”, understand that I’m a freedom-loving, and never presses. He not only advises, supports many: words, right deeds, good people, which accumulates around me. Says: “This is your part, your responsibility, and I’m always here”. We never swear, I respect him too much – he’s more experienced, older, has done a lot for the country. I consider Philip a friend. I have many of them. Basically this is my team – those people doing one job. Plus some of the Institute’s friends with many I have worked in the Theater of Pushkin. Loved ones often come to the rescue, can at any time arrive when ill and when well. It is important that friends know how to be happy for me. It is a rarity. Success is usually annoying, creates envy.

      I easily can be seen on the streets in the center of Moscow in the Tverskoy district, at the Patriarch’s ponds. Usual walk, listening to music: different mood, there are even rap. As for the girls I meet myself. A man should always be the first to attend. If on the contrary, I immediately feel like I was intruding. The second half will be forced to endure my travel, mood swings. In addition, she herself must be purposeful, intelligent, not capricious.

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