The winner of the show “the Voice. Children” Danil Pluzhnikov became the owner of the apartment

Победитель шоу «Голос. Дети» Данил Плужников стал обладателем квартиры 14-year-old Daniel Pluzhnikov, who became the winner of the third season of the show “the Voice. Children”, by a wide margin in number of votes ahead of their rivals. The boy from Sochi return home for a surprise – gave him a new home.

      Победитель шоу «Голос. Дети» Данил Плужников стал обладателем квартиры

      At the end of April ended the third season of “the Voice. Children”. The winner was Daniel Pluzhnikov. At the final concert, the boy sang the song of Valeriy Kipelov “I’m free”. His room aroused the admiration of the jury, and even the author of the song that you chose for the performances of Daniel, was satisfied. The boy still accepting congratulations from fans.

      The mother of the party “Voice. Children of Daniel Pluzhnikov: “Dima Bilan with his son not Lisp”

      Pluzhnikova met in his hometown as a hero. In Sochi airport guys came with balloons and posters “Daniel is the best”, “Congratulations!”. Daniel signed autographs and took pictures with fans. But the main surprise that was waiting for the singer, became flat.

      “Now I live in a one bedroom apartment in Adler, and conditions have to be very good. Housing damp, which is bad for the health of the Tribute. A new single-room apartment, in the Central district of Sochi. High-rise building still under construction, say they will surrender in December. Our apartment is on the third floor,” said the mother of Danila Irina Vladimirovna.

      In social networks Daniel still congrats on winning the project and amazed at his talents. The young performer is called to perform on the main event.

      “Danya almost no time to rest. He spoke on the events of the Sochi hockey League. And ahead of the trip to Moscow on regular good for a Tribute celebration,” – commented on the success of son mom reporters Wday.

      Daniel Pluzhnikov – disabled since childhood, but despite his poor health, the boy is very sociable and energetic. Child of Adler with 9 years of experience in music: he takes voice lessons, plays the synthesizer and sings in the band “Elegy”. He has participated in various music competitions. However, before the show “the Voice. The children had to exert more strength: the parents had prepared the boy stage costume, and was advised to sing for the audience, and not for the jury. Daniel not only came to this talent competition, but was able to get around opponents from all corners of Russia.

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