Елена Кулецкая пожаловалась на целлюлит
The model, who gave birth a month ago to a daughter, told how he changed her figure after pregnancy.

Елена Кулецкая пожаловалась на целлюлит

Elena Kuletskaya

Photo: @Instagram elenakuletskaya Helena kuletskoy

Looking for “fresh” photos of Helen kuletskoy, it is impossible to believe that just a little over a month ago she first became a mother. Model shared with
their fans secrets about what helped her in the fight against excess
pounds accumulated during pregnancy. According to Elena, come in
good shape after childbirth can be almost any girl, only if
she will follow some simple things.

As admitted Kuletskaya, in the seventh month of pregnancy she found on his “fifth point” cellulite, but this did not lead her to despair. But, on the contrary, spurred model more strictly monitor their diet and not to get involved with absorption of the contents of the fridge “for two”. The main weapon against Elena’s ill-fated orange peel has become a healthy diet. That is, instead of diets and exhausting workouts, in her opinion, the key to quick weight loss. And, judging by the results, she was perfect right. In just one month, the model was able to lose weight over 16 kilos during pregnancy. Eating fruits and vegetables, as well as Turkey, fish and dairy products, for some five weeks has returned to her former elasticity of the skin and flattens my tummy.

We will remind that in may of Elena and her husband, Stanislav Romanovsky — daughter was born, which was called Nike. Recently, the girl celebrated her first birthday, she turned one month. On this occasion Kuletskaya allowed myself to eat a piece of cake, which she specially ordered on the occasion of a small celebration in her family.

Elena Kuletskaya with my daughter

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