Стас Пьеха откровенно рассказал, почему расстался с женой
The singer first revealed details of his family life.

Стас Пьеха откровенно рассказал, почему расстался с женой

Spouse Stas Peha — Natalya Gorchakova son

Photo: Instagram.com

Stas Peha — not a supporter
publicity of his personal life. That singer a few years ago
had a wife and son, his fans found out far not at once. But Stas in an interview
the magazine OK!
first told about why decided to break up with his wife.

recognition Piekha, this decision has given him is not easy. As it turned out, the singer was not ready to combine your career
family life. “I have always had a relationship, but they stopped me in
growth in the creative and the spiritual. I realized that I still have to ripen
a bit to truly be ready for a relationship. And yet I have such
readiness is not, and I realize that only hurt the wife that all the time asking:
“Please, sit in the room, I need to work” or “Let’s
see for a little bit, because I need to make a new program”.
It’s nobody’s fault…” said Peha.

However, he tried
to stay with the mother of his child friendly. At
as possible Stas tries to visit his son Peter,
which is very similar to his famous father.

Stas Peha and Peter

Photo: Instagram

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