Шепелев рассказал о погибшей собаке Фриске

More recently it became known that killed beloved dog Zhanna Friske. Anchorman heavily experienced this loss because Luke was their pet.

Say, if the owner dies, his dog will soon be gone too. Surprisingly, this story happened in the family of Jeanne Friske.

We all know how much the singer loved dogs, she lived at home two: a Labrador named Ulius and Jack Russell Terrier lucrezias. Together with them, Jeanne traveled from Russia to Miami, they were close to the singer throughout her illness. And now, after her death, first ill Labrador – he, like the hostess, was diagnosed with cancer. For several months the dog carry on chemotherapy and seems to be slowly manages to fight off the disease. But the trouble is, as they say, never comes alone. And recently it became known that the second favorite of Joan, Jack Russell Luke, ran over by a car and died. For the whole family this was a terrible blow. And even Dmitry Shepelev, who had not seen Luke since the dog lives with his parents Jeanne, could not restrain his feelings. In one of the publications he wrote a whole essay about how Luka first appeared in Jeanne’s family and how he was their pet.

“Jack Russell named Luke was my first dog 28 years. Not even my four-month it bought a year to my wife. Soon after we met she went on a long shoot in Mexico, and Luke came to live with me. Walk four times a day to feed on the clock, to bathe and to comb, to choose toys, inviting your dog to taught to obey commands, – so unexpected and, I must say, quite willingly changed my life. And I loved it. Only then, much later, I realized that the dog secretly became a dress rehearsal before the birth of a child: I stuffed him full of cones before I never had to take care of anyone. Patience – the main thing he taught me. Until then, it was hard to control myself and not throw the bastard out the window because a white sofa is a warm fresh pile, and he innocently looks away to the side as if to say, “Well, it’s not me, no.” Only then I realized that you are completely to blame, all questions to the owner.

The character of Luke was disgusting: he was a terrible bully, a braggart, a poseur, and, to tell the truth, the little rascal liked to attack from behind. Stubborn was once hunted one mole three (!!!) day, looked all over the meadow and did not calm down until I finished it. With other dogs fought fearlessly, in the blood, was indiscriminately, no matter who is in front of them, shepherd, or Doberman. And cats actually squeezed like ripe berries. In the battles of Luka lost the ear piece the face was all scarred, eyelid torn. And it was always a handsome, thoroughbred, fit, proud. It always drew attention. And listen to me – then considered a master.”

“He traveled a lot with us. Like a real tourist with your dog’s passport, vaccinations, travel bag, – says Dmitry magazine Grazia. — And generally lived a happy dog life: we picked him thoroughbred girlfriends, I took him to Petrovka (this is when the dog hunting permit to drive a wild animal), spoiled sugar seeds. At first he was very jealous of our newborn child, because it used to – it favorite. But then took and began to guard the carriage, not allowing strangers even close.

And then I found out that he fell under the wheels. Somehow not surprised at all: he always flew without looking back and rushed to indiscriminately, be it a dog, Granny with a crutch, cyclist or car – a hunter by blood, breed of salesman. And I was touched when I thought about what became with all, who even recently was so precious to me: one woman and two of our dogs. All burned. If someone told me five years ago, is it possible to believe this? And now, no matter how monstrous, to believe easier. Just sad. Very.”

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