Elena Kuletskaya admired the chiseled figure after childbirth

Елена Кулецкая восхитила точеной фигурой после родов Model posing in bikini, showing great form. Elena Kuletskaya just four months ago became a mother. She gave her husband a charming girl nick. During pregnancy, Helena managed to gain sixteen pounds.

      In mid-may, famous model and former girlfriend Dima Bilan Olena kulicka first became a mother, giving her husband Stanislav Romanovsky, pretty girl.

      Beauty is enjoying the happiness of motherhood, she is feeding her daughter breast and never parted with a small Nike. Elena Kuletskaya no longer hide her daughter’s face

      These autumn days the family spends in Cyprus. A young mother enjoys the warm sunshine of Sunny Isles, swimming in the sea, drinking cocktails and trying to get the maximum pleasure from rest. And of course, Elena doesn’t forget to demonstrate the results of working on myself and my body. Kuletskaya absolutely not hesitate to publish in the microblogging photos in a bikini, knowing full well that it just looks great.

      Groupie stars admire her beautiful forms and I appreciate that Lena thus motivate them to monitor themselves and eliminate the fear to ruin the shape during the pregnancy.

      “As always, gorgeous!”, “Wow, already such a flat stomach! What you done!”, “Lena, you have an amazing figure! Well recovered after the birth! I myself is pregnant and very worried how it will go!”, “Lenochek, you look great, babe!”, “Super shapes! Clever! I have a tummy after the second birth, cannot boast” – complimenting Elena kuletskoy its many subscribers will.

      Meanwhile, Elena Kuletskaya during pregnancy scored a whopping sixteen pounds. Six weeks after the birth the young mother had only three extra pounds, plus three inches to his waist. At the same time, according to Elena, she does not resort to any diet and physical exercise, as she feeds the daughter breast, and all restrictions and exercise can hurt baby. The secret of a slim waist and flat tummy is simply following the rules of rational nutrition, which Kuletskaya not retreated and during pregnancy, demonstrating tremendous self-discipline and restraint. She eats as many fruits and vegetables, cottage cheese, yogurt, lean meats, fish and Turkey.

      By the way, while Elena Kuletskaya part with the pounds, her daughter, they are actively recruiting. Little nick is growing a real krepyshi, as expected of girls her age.