Maxim Vitorgan found a replacement Ksenia Sobchak

Максим Виторган нашел замену Ксении Собчак
The husband of TV presenter has surrounded himself with pregnant women.

Karen Hovhannisyan, Maxim Vitorgan and Valeria Kozhevnikov

Photo: @Instagram mvitorgan Maxim Vitorgan

Maxim Vitorgan never holds without women in “interesting position”. While the actor is on the job, the role of his pregnant wife Ksenia Sobchak replaces his partner in the shooting — Lera Kozhevnikova. Maxim admitted that his colleague, who demonstrated at the joint picture rounded belly, allowing him to feel at work like at home.

“Continually surprising me, judging by the expression on my face, directed by Karen Oganesyan and my uncontested pregnant partner Valerie Kozhevnikova, who allowed me to feel at work like at home!” — Maxim signed photo from the set.

Fans appreciated the sense of humor Vitorgan. By the way, jokes about his pregnant wife become a good artist. For example, last week Maxim laughed at hearing about the fact that Ksenia has actually used the services of surrogate motherhood, and her belly — “invoice”. In the caption to one of the photos, Sobchak, he wrote: “the Artist of the Surrogates. The picture of the “Belly unfastened”. Butter, bread, Wallpapers”.