Yuliya Latysheva on the fight against cancer: “a Disease is a gift”

Юлия Латышева о борьбе с раком: «Болезнь - это дар» The actress admitted that after learning about the terrible diagnosis, she began to really live. Star of TV series “Anya” and “a Matter of honor” for about six months undergoing treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Despite serious illness, Julia remains optimistic and lives a rich life.

      Юлия Латышева о борьбе с раком: «Болезнь - это дар»

      This spring, doctors diagnosed a 32-year-old star of the TV series Julia Latysheva second stage cancer of the lymphatic system. Most of all, as an actress, she was shocked that she lived with this disease for more than a year, feeling healthy. Star of TV series Julia Latysheva struggling with cancer

      Julia completed three courses of chemotherapy, and recently finished a course of radiation treatment and came to the program “Tonight” with Andrey Malakhov, the main character who was Darya Dontsova, a few years ago beating cancer.

      The actress wanted to meet with best-selling author, to personally thank her for her example and the experience of dealing with a terrible disease, which she shares with everyone. In the Studio is Yuliya Latysheva appeared without a wig.

      Юлия Латышева о борьбе с раком: «Болезнь - это дар»

      “I specifically go to the girls with whom I have been in the hospital, did not hesitate, – explained the actress. – I do it consciously. I want to believe in yourself.”

      Julia brought a gift to Darya Dontsova the scene that wrote itself. Two women sat together, the writer embraced Julia and throughout the conversation was holding her hand. “Your books are in our house on Kashirke in a special box, we call it “library” and the entire twentieth floor of the clinic comes to us and read your detectives. Thank you very much!”, – asked Yulia Latysheva for the series.

      Andrey Malakhov has approached the actress with the question of whether, in its opinion, to inform the fans about the disease or better to hide.

      “When I found out, I froze. About a month sat in silence. Did not respond to calls. Tried to think less about this and say. As if all this isn’t happening to me, – admitted Yulia Latysheva. But for myself, I decided that I was going to fight and live. The first about the disease, learned close. Favorite immediately made me an offer, and 1 April 2016 we got married. And then I told everyone I was sick, and started something incredible. Fell calls, all supported and helped. My illness is a gift. I am at this moment beginning to live.”

      Darya Dontsova supported Yulia Latyshev and with the screen turned on everyone to pay attention to yourself and time to go to the doctors. And if trouble happens, understand that it can be handled.

      “Look at me,’ said the writer. – If I managed to get out of the fourth stage, what prevents you to recover? I’m sure Julia will be fine, you win. Yes, it is unpleasant, but not fatal. We are all sick with cancer and were able to recover, sisters and brothers. We know something that others don’t know. All will be well!”