Elena Kondulainen forgot about the Seychelles

Елена Кондулайнен забыла про Сейшелы
The actress realized that the day of birth should be noted.

Елена Кондулайнен забыла про Сейшелы

Elena Kondulainen

Photo: @kondulaynen (Facebook Ellen Kondulainen)

In previous years, Elena Kondulajnen in your day of birth went to a far country, but this year decided to change this tradition and received congratulations in Moscow. “This time I’m not left nor to the Seychelles, as last year; nor in Egypt, as in the past; nor the Maldives, nor in Tunisia… Stayed in Moscow — and it was one of the best birthdays in my life! My family and friends took me to restaurants, congratulated, gave a toast, fed Goodies,” said 7days.ru actress.

To accept congratulations Elena began on 7 April, a few days before his birthday, when, after a performance of “Lips” in the moon Theatre was invited to the anniversary Mark Rudinstein. “I was very surprised, when suddenly I heard a toast in my honor. And it was at the festival “Kinotavr”, which was invented and conducted Rudinshtejn, I met my husband and then our son was born Misha”.

The actress’s two sons: the oldest 30-year-old Alexander is married and lives in another city, he sent Elena an extraordinary bouquet of fruits, and the youngest is 20-year — old Michael lives in Moscow and runs his own business. The young man holds trainings on networking, teaches people the skills of communication and earns pretty well. Michael star and his mom have a tradition: holidays, son invites Elena in prestigious restaurants. Was no exception and the birthday of Kondulainen.

Sergey Prokhanov, Elena Kondulajnen and Alexander Peskov at the rehearsal of the play “Casanova, or a trip to the “Icosameron” in the theater of the moon

Photo: @kondulaynen (Facebook Ellen Kondulainen)

Invitation to the gala dinner, the actress and Director of Theatre of the moon, which served for many years. “Sergei Borisovich Prokhanov took the baton from my son and treated me to a fancy restaurant, oysters, lobsters, crabs, shrimp, octopus, and gave me a certificate for a course Thai massage and a trip on the largest ferry in Europe to the open date.”

Kondulainen recognized that he was going to travel around the world, as in the past, but to celebrate the birthday of continue to try in Moscow. “When you’re thousands of miles away, we miss a lot. And this time I wrote, I called, gave flowers and gifts the most famous people in our country — filmmakers, artists, and politicians. Next to me were the closest: my son, colleagues at the theater. I felt like a real woman and were able to relax without thinking about anything, because I was all decided my men,” laughs Elena.

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