Religion Madonna helped her son back

Религия Мадонны помогла ей вернуть сына
Teachers from the Kabbalah centre advised the star to reconcile with the ex-spouse.

Религия Мадонны помогла ей вернуть сына


Photo: Splash News/East news

Rocco Ritchie

Photo: Splash News/East news

The other day Madonna surprised everyone. Without waiting for when her 15-year-old
son Rocco back to America, or at least her ex-husband guy Ritchie arrive
to her in new York for talks, the singer decided to go to London. And the effort that had to put a star to humble their pride, right
also paid off. Richie, impressed by her actions, has allowed Madonna to meet
son. In the end, the singer saw Rocco for the first time in the last four months. But since then, as Madonna’s son ran away from mother to father in
Britain, the star could not achieve not only the safe return of Rocco and
even at least talk to him on the phone. It was posted online the touching
pictures and messages to the boy, but her calls remained unanswered.

Now the guy personally brought his son to the car to the house of the Madonna and
left him there for two hours. He himself, however, to go to the former spouse is not
was, and came back for my son when the time allotted for their appointment has expired.
It’s hard to tell what exactly caused the singer suddenly change your line
behavior. For a long time it threatened to return Rocco by force, under escort of the police. And the Scarecrow guy arrest for child abduction…

However, at the last hearing, the judge very strongly
called upon ex-spouses to reconciliation for the sake of their shared son. But, according to
friends of the singer, persuade Madonna to go to London and to mitigate their behavior
against the AI; actually, the managed not the judge and her advisors from the center
The Kabbalah is the religion which she professes. Not accidentally, barely arriving in London,
Madonna immediately rushed to the local Kabbalistic center. And although many
critical of the controversial passion of the Madonna, in this case followers
this religion played a positive role. So now, will hope both Madonna and Ritchie will begin to behave like adults and civilized people will come,
finally, the agreement on the son.

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