Aliana of Gobozov worried about my mother’s health

Алиана Гобозова переживает за здоровье мамы Relatives and friends are trying to support Svetlana Ustinenko. A year and a half ago she was diagnosed with brain cancer. Relatives are doing everything to the status of mother of the stars of the reality show “Dom-2” has improved.

      Алиана Гобозова переживает за здоровье мамы

      For mom’s health one of the brightest members of the reality show “Dom-2” Aliana Golosovoy Svetlana Ustinenko watched by thousands of fans. A year and a half ago she made the unfavourable diagnosis – a brain tumor. Relatives of Svetlana Mikhailovna try to do everything to cure the disease women.

      “They say our life is in our hands. But this is not so. Sometimes it is in the hands of chance, fate, and God,” said Aliana their fans in the microblog published a photo on the background of the cancer center. Fans of Golosovoy always very quickly respond to any messages concerning the state of health of her mother and always try to cheer her up.

      “Aliana, hold on, how painful and sad when this is happening to us, ask for strength from the Lord, so that mom got better and forces you to go through it all!”, “You have a terrific mom! Hold on! Strength, health!”, “Spend more time with her! Distract conversations. Make plans for the future,” he advised fans of the former participant “Houses-2”.

      Svetlana Ustinenko: “because of the deterioration I had to go back to chemotherapy”

      Not so very long ago Svetlana told “Starite” that they as a family decided that it would be better to spend some time in the clinic under the supervision of physicians. “Some days I felt very bad – I was throwing up my family and I decided of hospitalization, next to doctors I would be safer. I am now undergoing a course of chemotherapy. In the hospital I inject injections – has become a bit easier,” said Ustinenko.

      Svetlana tries to be very attentive to their health. Last fall, loved ones are glad that the tumor Svetlana Mikhailovna decreased. However, in winter Ustinenko again started feeling bad.

      “New year’s eve an hour before the holiday I became ill and even had to call an ambulance. All, of course, scared, but after the arrival of the doctors was better, and the New year I met with my family at the holiday table. With the youngest son of Gegham, Allianoi Sasha & Robic,” said the mother of the former contestants of reality show.

      Recall that in the fall of 2014 Svetlana fainted while on the project “Dom-2”. But then nobody could assume that the reason for this was not the stress of filming and participating in the reality show, and a scary diagnosis.

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