Elena Knyazeva sheltered the victims of violence

Елена Князева приютила жертву насилия The actress shared a sentimental story. For the past two weeks in her house lives a charming and good-natured dog named Simba. The previous owners mistreated him. The animal escaped and found the family in the face of Helena.

      Елена Князева приютила жертву насилия

      The other day Elena Knyazeva made a touching post on social networks. The actress posted a video with a huge three-legged dog named Simba. She also thanked fans who offered assistance to the unfortunate animal with a tragic fate.

      “Thank you, everyone, who knew, supported and helped. We have wonderful people – good, responsible and sincere. Video with Simba, most likely, will be no more. I do not like to put personal and, especially family,” shared the Knyazev.

      Simba’s story is sad and cruel. Its first owners were the workers from the industrial areas, which immediately noted the artistic talents of the puppy and forced him to learn the command “Bunny”. When they spoke this word, the animal rose on its hind legs, her front.

      Workers were constantly laughing at Simba, but their pet was not offended if people like it, so he is doing everything right. Didn’t hurt the dog even when workers suddenly decided to turn a mongrel dog into Alabai, cut off his ears. And one night someone shot Simba on the road on which he was returning to the industrial area. Home a dog that day never came, was left to die on the roadside. There’s something to it, and found Irina Tikhovsky, which has a shelter for homeless animals.

      Елена Князева приютила жертву насилия

      Simba made a few complex operations. The front paw of the dog had to be amputated. While one bullet remained in the crease of his belly, but while this does not prevent the dog decided not to touch her.

      After his miraculous rescue Simba still lived in the orphanage until he was taken away by the singer Elena Knyazeva. By the way, in the house of the famous artist already live with three dogs. According to celebrity, other Pets gladly accepted Simba, even the three-legged Caesar, which the previous owners three years ago would be put to sleep due to its complex nature. However, Helena managed to find a special approach to the animal. Now Caesar looks great and loves her mistress.

      “Simba lives with me for two weeks, he made friends with all the dogs. It is exceptionally intelligent, kind and intelligent dog. Now this is my family. I agreed with the doctors, on the stump of a paw will make him a prosthesis. Simba is very young dog, I’ll do it, that he was healthy and happy and forgot about the betrayal and cruelty “sub-humans”, – said Elena.
      Елена Князева приютила жертву насилия