Elina Kamiren starred in a candid clip of the stars of “Real boys”

Элина Камирен снялась в откровенном клипе звезды «Реальных пацанов» Ex-participant reality show “House-2” appeared in the role of temptress. A striking blonde appeared in a new video of Vladimir Selivanov. Elina, dressed in a sexy outfit plays girl in love with the main character.

Ex-participant of “House-2” Elina Kamiren tried themselves in new roles. The reality show star has become the main character of the clip Vladimir Selivanov of “Real boys”. The actor is releasing a song and shooting a video under the pseudonym Vavan. New work by the artist is called “Lesbian” and tells of the unhappy love his character.

Within a week Vladimir intrigued by the shots from the backstage of the clip in the company of striking girls, one of which was Elina Kamiren. In the microblog Vavan explained why he decided to make a music video on this song.

“Released my debut album “Woman. Point. Freedom approaching the New year, I thought that it is necessary to bring the creative result bright clip on one of the songs in the album. I do not hesitate to choose this song. Its motif is reminiscent of clear popular hit. Despite the provocative content of the songs, I believe that the track will be a favorite for many,” said the contractor.

Kamiren was pleased with this cooperation with Vovan. Her character appears at the beginning of the video in sexy bandage dress, over which is worn a leather belt. “Huge work has been done. The video turned out just the fire,” wrote Elina laying out an excerpt from the video. Fans of the girls praised the video, noting that the ex-participant reality show looks sexy. Some followers wished Kamiren success in career and happiness.

Элина Камирен снялась в откровенном клипе звезды «Реальных пацанов»
Элина Камирен снялась в откровенном клипе звезды «Реальных пацанов»