Eugene Feofilaktova not invited Anton Gusev for his son’s birthday

Евгения Феофилактова не пригласила Антона Гусева на день рождения сына The star of “House-2” threw a celebration for Daniel. The boy was four years old. Star mom party with the participation of comic book characters. The child looked very happy and joyful.

      Ex-participant of “House-2” Eugene Feofilaktova made a feast for his only son Daniel. At the party in honor of the fourth birthday of the heir to the gathered animators dressed in costumes in the style of “spider-Man”. The boy looked like a real gentleman, wearing a suit and bright shirt. Daniel’s mother could not hide his emotions and he hugged and kissed him.

      “I’m proud of you I grow a clever and kind boy! I will do everything that you grew up a decent man with the right ideas, goals and priorities. So nobody ever had to tell you that you’re not a man! And considering how you have me curious and sociable – you will succeed! Know not read, but I want to share my thoughts here,” said Jack in his microblog on the day of his son’s birth.

      At the end of a holiday in complete darkness in the room made a birthday cake on which burned four candles. Together with her mother, the child blew out the lights on a layered delicacy to the sounds of the song “happy birthday”.

      By the way, the photos near Daniel social media users did not see the Pope. Presumably, Anton Gusev giving the boy a separate surprise. Despite the fact that the man broke up with his wife, he thanked her for the heir. The birthday of Anton wrote on the Facebook page a touching message to the boy, which remembered the day when a child is born.

      “You came into the light, with a weight of 4 kg 90 grams, height 56 cm Then the first time I saw something very very small, but exact likeness of me. I remember how I held you in my arms and nurse we carried you on. Then I first time became a father. I was ready to sink into the ground joy and happiness that you came to us. Today, you have 4 years, and you are already asking: “Dad, how are you? What were you doing?!” Laughing, joking, encouraging, say you love, say, “I’m daddy’s lion.” More than only knows how much I love you, my boy. In you I see myself: in behavior, in actions, in words and manners. I will try to give everything in my power to make you smart, wise, sporty, faithful, respecting and esteeming good and decent people around him for life,” expressed their emotions Gusev.

      In one of the comments under the post Anton Eugene responded to his statement: “Despite the fact that you’re doing now, Jack, I want to tell you thank you so much for the son, and the life given to him.” Daniel’s mother wrote that didn’t understand what was going on. “Such nonsense, though it will leave me alone,” replied Jack.

      Anton Gusev is diluted with Eugenia Feofilaktova for Victoria romanet

      Recall that Anton Gusev and Evgeny Feofilaktova began divorce proceedings a few weeks ago. None of them openly calls the reasons for such an unexpected decision. However, they remained friends, as we want to make sure that the gap did not affect the child.