Elena Hanga chooses suitors for his daughter

Елена Ханга подбирает женихов для дочери Star mom thinks about the future heiress. According to Elena, she tries to follow who he is talking to Elizabeth-Anne. TV presenter recalls how her child has already offered a potential date.

      Елена Ханга подбирает женихов для дочери

      In the program “Alone with all” Elena Hanga talked to the host of Julia Menshovoj. Women discussed the features of education of children and adolescents. According to a guest transmission, should be carefully monitored, with whom a son or daughter and talk often with them.

      Hangu stopped loading up your schedule for more work, when I realized that it is more important to develop daughter Elizabeth-Anne. “I felt that I was going to be late. I decided that I needed to do as a child. In fact, years later, I’m gonna say to yourself, “What am I missing? For what? In order to sit there and smile and do some kind of transfer, at the time, I will give short something to the daughter,” said the star.

      14-year-old Elizabeth-Anne plays sports and has tried himself as a model. Elena believes that the education of the teenager need to be sensitive. According to the leader, the hardest thing a girl will experience the first unrequited love.

      “I decided to run ahead and introduce her to a boy from a good family,” admitted hung.
      Елена Ханга подбирает женихов для дочери

      Elena said that she was familiar when she lived in new York. I have a daughter, his son. He came and looked at her heiress, and her child.

      “He said, “you Know I wanted to when they grew up, they would love each other. We know each other, know our families. May intermarry. And if you let it go?”. He left pictures of his son,” said Hanga.

      According to the leader, when Elizabeth-Anna was 14, she went with her mother to new York, where the girl was waiting for a prospective groom. However, the meeting did not go as smoothly as expected.

      “They did not agree on any point,” said Hanga.

      It turned out that Elizabeth-Anna and the son of a friend leading another look at life. She resolves to write off friends in school, and he didn’t. “Mom, we’re wasting time,” said my daughter. After that, I took her to other friends. She was like a bully, she still corresponds with him on Skype,” recalls Elena. After this incident, Hanga understand that they will not be able to impose its views on the heiress. However, so far, according to the leader, Elizabeth Anna is more focused on sports than on relationships with boys.