Grigory Leps free starred in the video aspiring artist

Григорий Лепс бесплатно снялся в клипе начинающего артиста The singer will appear in the debut video of his pupil Nicholas Timokhin. Grigory Leps has decided to support a talented musician and took the time to personally monitor the filming process.

      Григорий Лепс бесплатно снялся в клипе начинающего артиста

      Tomorrow will premiere the debut video from Nicholas Timokhina “Endless day”. The video, which was shot by Director Zaur Zaseev, was not only the first video artist, but first removed under the personal supervision and personal involvement of its producer, Gregory Leps.

      Nikolay Timokhin, who became famous all over the country, thanks to the participation in the TV show “the Voice” and “Main stage”, from January 2016, work under the “Production center of Grigory Leps”. And I must say that Nikolai managed the seemingly impossible – to earn it a high rating. Knowing the incredible demands on Leps, we can only guess how many “endless days” held Nikolay Timoshin in the Studio, achieving the perfect sound of his voice.

      But if he Grigory Leps approvingly shakes her head, then, “Endless day” and the endless work of Nicholas were not in vain. Or is unlikely to be the famous actor has agreed not just to appear in the video of the ward, but and sit behind the control Desk.

      Григорий Лепс бесплатно снялся в клипе начинающего артиста

      The debut work of Nicholas Timokhina will allow viewers to glimpse into the Holy of holies – the recording Studio where, in pain and doubt, are born songs of Grigory Leps, where he works and creates. Especially careful can see, he looks like Production center, to get to that dream of hundreds of young talented performers. In September last year, Leps has celebrated its opening. Production center is located next to his house. The musician admitted that the construction of the mansions had spent a lot of time and money.

      “It’s not cheap, but good is never cheap, – he has told to the correspondent “StarHit”. The construction involved several contractors for five years. Each had their own task. Everything is very high quality, ranging from chairs and ending with my prints, which I collect. Professional equipment on a global level. Already visited Pro, tried it and said great. Specially from Los Angeles came the drummer, who helped me to write a new work, edited the sound of the drums. I’m not very well versed in all of this. Can only assess the end result.”