Ekaterina Volkova was left without a job

Екатерина Волкова осталась без работы The actress has lost seats in the theater. Star of the TV series “Voroniny” Ekaterina Volkova has shared the news with fans and thanked the audience for their love. Fans were quick to support a well-known artist.

The star of the show Voroniny disappointed his loyal fans. For many years she performed on stage at the State theatre of film actor. However, now the audience will not see the actress in productions – the fact that she was not listed in the troupe. Now Catherine is looking for a new job, and therefore appealed to his fans.

“The first day of summer and change. From today, officially unemployed. Took labor out of the theater actor, as dismissed the rest of our troupe. And it happens. The end of a big era! Thank you to all my viewers that love, as long as 14 years. And of course, thank you to your favorite colleagues! PS Friends, looking for work, if that,” wrote Volkova in the microblog.

Fans were disappointed with these circumstances. They admitted that they loved going to the performances with her participation. However, the followers are sure that the actress can easily find a new job. “Change is always for the better! Understand that in the future, looking back”, “wow. But times of change are also interesting! Let it be more interesting projects, the more they have time”, “best of luck in your job search! I’m sure such a talented actress and an amazing person will not remain without work!” – supported the followers of the famous artist.

Ekaterina Volkova for eight years, plays a major role in the acclaimed TV series “Voroniny”. For a long time the artist has combined work in the theater with the shooting in various projects. The celebrity admitted that not hiring nannies for their six year old daughter Lisa and housekeepers to help with the housework. Last year Catherine, together with her husband Andrei Karpov started a repair in a country mansion. Ekaterina Volkova settling in the new house

“To be honest, there was a time when we nearly killed each other! Because there are issues in which difficult to negotiate. But at the same time, we understand that a compromise is needed, because without it marriage can end. You can build a house and live there will be nobody. And, of course, we don’t want our idyll, our harmonious relationship has ended when we come out of the stage of construction. At some point we realized that will still be cool, and we’ll be blissed out from their homes,” said Catherine “StarHit”.