Natalia Vodianova Polina Gagarina and that’s that are thinking about the children

Наталья Водянова, Полина Гагарина и Баста задумались о детях Celebrities released a video for the song “angel of faith”. The main idea of the video is to draw attention to the problems of boarding schools and kids with special needs.

In the children’s Day Basta and Polina Gagarina has released a music video for the song “angel of faith”. The video in black and white tells the story of children deprived of real parental love. The main character of the video was Natalia Vodianova. The idea to create this video came from well-known models. Introducing new product in social networks, founder of the charity Fund “Naked heart” explain why the country has this problem.

“Not all children in orphanages are orphans. Most of them fall in orphanages, because parents are experiencing financial difficulties and do not possess the necessary knowledge and access to qualified social and psychological support. I know from personal experience that in our country the birth of a child with special needs significantly undermines the chances of families at a normal life. Every year on the maintenance of such children in institutions spending huge sums instead to Fund the support system for families,” said the model in Instagram.
Наталья Водянова, Полина Гагарина и Баста задумались о детях

According to celebrity, the country needs to change the system of social security of people who are faced with the problem of parenting “special” children so they would not leave the kids. The followers staged a hot discussion of the problem.

“I used to think that people are taking children into their families under the care, heroes. But after my son went to study in a boarding school in the fifth form, my opinion has partially changed. There I have seen enough of these guardians, who take children with small problems, give them in boarding schools and take them out only on weekends”, “Children with specific development need the support of parents, the more love!” – posted by users of the social network.

Recall that Vodianova has a sister Oksana, who suffers from autism and cerebral palsy. Relative models are not just faced with cruelty from other people. As Vodianova is changing the lives of people: stories of rescue girls with down syndrome and boys with autism

Gagarin also shared with followers the new video directed by Timothy Kolesnikov. Fans appreciated the powerful vocals of the singer and her in a white dress of light fabric. “I want children to defend and to create for them such conditions where they would not need protection,” said Pauline.