Friend Ivan Urgant has revealed unexpected facts about his past

Подруга Ивана Урганта открыла неожиданные факты его прошлого The TV host saved his comrades from shame and sang in the metro. Vivid stories from his youth, Ivan Urgant shared his old friend who knows not only himself but also the family of the artist.
Подруга Ивана Урганта открыла неожиданные факты его прошлого

The first role of Ivan Urgant got in four months – in the play “Brothers and sisters” he was baby, who was on the scene made a hero of Andrei Krasko. Then the audience even could not think, on whose debut they are present! Later, the neighbors on the porch, too, was not always happy noisy musical performances with Ivan. But friends always knew that guy would be a star.

Mother’s joy

“When I first saw one, I thought, “What a pleasant and sociable boy,” says the “StarHit” Svetlana, a friend of the presenter. – We met in the common yard of the company. It was small: two girls and six boys. And began to hang out together. Our childhood took place in the years of perestroika. Then were shortages of basic things, but somehow it did. His mother, aunt Valerie, shared with neighbors products, and sometimes even clothes – at that time it was most difficult to buy. So many happy that is.

I remember roly was growing quickly. When I went to the first class, he grew up so that his pants got too short. It today this way is considered trendy, and then one of the style thought. But, despite the difficult times, we know how to have fun! Aunt Lera was constantly invited to her house. At home they, along with van feast. Put at the table, poured the tea and began to tell stories. Mother Vanka often joked. My son sense of humor from his mother. Both has something to say, so just tears through laughter. Sometimes even the tea was forgotten!

It is a pity that aunt Valerie is rarely remembered. More about grandma and Papa Urgant. But it has developed Vanke charisma and ambition. My mother had always been a lighter!”
Подруга Ивана Урганта открыла неожиданные факты его прошлого

In addition to household get-togethers all my childhood Ivan spent in the yard. “Near our house was a Park, field of Mars and Mikhailovsky garden – continues to Svetlana. – We lost days and nights. Roly went to music school and often with the neighborhood kids put on concerts – they even had their own group. At least Ivan and learned to play percussion instruments, in front of us he always played with a guitar. He mastered it! His music always ended with a storm of applause.

Vanya didn’t hesitate to be near the metro. Somehow my mother and I walked along Nevsky Prospekt, we hear a familiar voice! A Closer Look – Urgant. Should get together with the guys, play musical instruments, and toe – cap. I thought: “Good, not afraid of anything! So it is necessary to increase the confidence!”
Подруга Ивана Урганта открыла неожиданные факты его прошлого

We just loved the movie “Star wars.” It was shown passages in the children’s programme “Zebra”. View and discuss all the next day. Vanya loved to try to find out who I like more of the characters – Luke or Han Solo. Still can’t answer this question!

Vanya childhood was a charismatic guy, a real gentleman and always enjoyed great popularity among the female. I remember in school he always took care of me. Once I was sitting by the locker room, upset over some trifle. Ivan came and asked: “Light, why are you crying? You just tell me who hurt you, I can understand!” Complaining did not. Replied: “Yes, nothing! Don’t worry.” Vanya hugged me and I calmed down.”


In the gymnasium at the State Russian Museum still remember the talented graduate. “He had a great sense of style: always came in bright jackets or trendy tousled hair style – says the “StarHit” Larisa Khautieva of Baigusheva, the Director of the institution. – Always participated in school plays. And most of the time Ivan got the main role.

Once at the end of the year class Urgant put “the Bremen musicians”. He played amazingly the Troubadour sang, danced, joked. Vanya was the king that night! However, progress in science was lame – the Board has not always acted perfectly. And in his diary flaunted and threes, and fives. But all the teachers Vanya adored. Especially the English teacher. Urgant knew this subject, even helped them on tests. And physical education classes are often skipped. But he forgave everything, because you know – busy in school initiative “.

Artist rescued comrades on the stage. His classmate during a piano got nervous and forgot the melody. “Vanya immediately bearings, ran to him, sat down and like let’s play on an instrument – continues Larisa Khautieva. – No one in the audience suspected nothing. Everyone thought it was such an original idea about improvisation! School Urgant still proud!”