Екатерина Волкова впервые показала свой роскошный загородный дом
The actress shared the results of construction.

Ekaterina Volkova with her husband

Photo: @volkovihome Instagram Ekaterina Volkova

Ekaterina Volkova hastened to share good news:
the construction of a country house is gradually coming to completion. Work on
to create a comfortable family nest far from the final version, but
Catherine was eager to show the fans what has already happened. So
she published the as yet unfinished, but already very effective, at home
in his microblog.

“I bet we discussed. Here’s the first photo of our
the future house. Now the most difficult — to make it comfortable, beautiful and cozy!” —
told Volkov.

Incidentally, the construction process often causes
disputes, and sometimes even scandals between spouses, however, in the case of Catherine, this is not the case. Husband
actress — Andrey Karpov is an architect, so he knows about all
the intricacies of building a country home. But, despite the knowledge in
this area, he still listens to the wishes of his wife, because to live in them

By the way, according to fans, is pretty
great for family consisting of three people. It is reasonable to assume that the size of the “residence”
designed for the future populnea in the family. Recall that the pair have together brings adorable daughter — Lisa. By the way, Catherine has admitted that
the future would be not against to give birth to a daughter a brother or sister.

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