Джиллиан Андерсон превратилась в Мэрилин Монро
A longtime rival of the actress nearly stole her role

Gillian Anderson

Photo: @Instagram _gilliananderson Gillian Anderson

As admitted recently Gillian Anderson, because of its
rival she almost lost the role that made her famous.
It turns out, it was claimed another actress — Kate McKinnon. And producers
supposedly, the original was inclined to hire her, so she played agent
Scully in the TV series “X-Files”. Fortunately for Jillian, a role that ultimately went to
it was her, that made her a star.

But McKinnon had denied Anderson the opportunity to play in another
the film, about which so dreamed of Anderson. We are talking about the remake of the once super popular movie “the Hunters
haunted”, which very soon will be able to see and domestic
the moviegoers. 47-year-old Gillian saw himself in uniform
brave hunters, and believed that experience in the series, where she raced
for a different kind of alien, “evil”, making it just the perfect candidate
the role… Alas, the contract was offered to sign McKinnon.

Recently, however, Jillian had received first
compensation for lost opportunity. It Anderson the creators of the series —
Brian fuller and Michael green was entrusted the role, which can only dream of any
actress. In the fantastic TV show “American gods”, the shooting of which is now in
full swing, Gillian will play a very Marilyn Monroe. And now McKinnon, as
say the gossips, is simply sick with envy.

As for Gillin, although she, like, not
too similar to Great Blonde, but as they say, with a little help
make-up artists, managed to achieve an impressive similarities Gillian Monroe. Well, all
the rest depends on the talent of the actress, whom Anderson does not hold. However,
the result can only be evaluated next year when the TV show
will be released.

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