Не в «Голосе»: кто заменит Пелагею, Лепса и Градского? In the new season of the popular show, viewers can see the new mentors. Many members of the jury of the previous season for various reasons will not be able to participate in the project. Pelageya waiting for the child, and the negotiations with Grigory Leps and Alexander Gradsky has not yet been completed.

      Не в «Голосе»: кто заменит Пелагею, Лепса и Градского?

      The casting in the sequel of “the Voice” has already begun, and with them rumors that participation in the project some of the stars in question.

      “Grigory Leps is not yet answered whether he will be removed, all weighs,” says press Secretary Maia Serikova artist. The participation of Alexander Gradsky is also doubtful. “He and last year I didn’t, but he was persuaded, and this time firmly insists on his own”, – said the employee of the theatre gradsko Andrew.

      Surely we only know that from the project “Voice. Children” leaves Pelageya: representatives “the First channel” has confirmed that the reason for her decree. Discussing pregnancy Pelagia

      Не в «Голосе»: кто заменит Пелагею, Лепса и Градского?

      TV presenter Sergey Asharin argues about who could replace the mentors of the show. It offers unexpected options that safely would have affected the rating of the program.

      “Generally I am opposed to Pelageya were gone. If she’s bored of one you just have to score more pregnant. It will add drama. A man comes to a casting, and the woman didn’t turn around…because she has morning sickness or stupid wasn’t in the mood. Instead Leps I’d put a Cord among zapikannye Mata will be difficult to understand what he thought of the speech. But after the broadcast people will discuss what is meant the member of the jury. By the way, is Polina Gagarina, it is necessary to take Masha Rasputin. It can simply admire. Imagine: slow motion of the wheels appear the lips and Breasts, and then Mary. In her case, the phrase “jury member” would get a lot of different shades. If you replace Gradsky Yuri Antonov with his thirty cats, the show “the Voice” appears not only sound, but also smell. The second equivalent variant of Elena Malysheva. She all the time stated: “This is normal”. Or Vice versa: “the caries need to remove” – jokes Asarin.

      Recall that the show “the Voice” aired on the First channel for four years. In the framework of the project compete with talented performers from different cities and republics. Last season the jury was offered the candidacy of Vladimir Presnyakov, Soso Pavliashvili, Sergei Trofimov, Lolita Milavskaya, Philip Kirkorov, Larisa Dolina, Dmitry Malikov, Yury Antonov and Olga Kormukhina. In the end, together with Alexander Gradsky the jury were Grigory Leps, Polina Gagarina and that’s that. The winner of the fourth season was Hieromonk Photios. Hieromonk Photios told about how falls in love with women

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