Екатерина Волкова шокировала таможенников
Star told details of funny stories.

Ekaterina Volkova

Photo: Instagram

Ekaterina Volkova shocked the experienced customs officers that,
coming to stay in Riga for two days, brought eight suitcases of things.

for a couple of days with friends (four persons) in Riga,
smiles the actress. —Weight restrictions there, so we took everything that could
need a Russian tourist on vacation. In the morning crossed the border. Questions
customs was: “You mean 2 days?” With the same question we were met
the porter at the hotel.

Star “Voronin” explained that Riga is not the final point of their route. There is still a lot of cities: actress with family
went to the auto tour of Europe.

I must say that this trip is very popular among the stars.
For example, in the wedding the car trip went Korneliya Mango
my husband Bogdan. To spend the couple decided in the Crimea.

“If you lose me on
some days I don’t pick up! — Cornelia announced before the trip. —
We just freaked out, got in the car with Bogdan took the dog and went to

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