Ксения Новикова отметила важный для себя день
The elder son eks-the soloist of group “Brilliant” was 8 years old.

Ксения Новикова отметила важный для себя день

Ksenia Novikova with the eldest son Miron

Photo: @novikovaofficial (Instagram Ksenia Novikova)

Singer Ksenia Novikova today quashed all proceedings to
to be with family. Her eldest son Myron was 8 years old. Star
arranged for the boy a holiday filled with surprises and treats. “I
in year two of the most important days are the birthdays of my sons. Today, Myron 8
years… all grown up already,” —
Ksenia says.

But not always in life Novikova and her children it was so
happy and rosy. A few years ago, the singer was forced to fight for
their sons, which her ex-husband Andrey Sereda was taken to London without the consent of the
mother. But Kseniya has not fallen into despair, and did everything to Myron and Bogdan, who is now six years, was again with her.

Ksenia Novikova with his sons Bohdan and Myron

Photo: @novikovaofficial (Instagram Ksenia Novikova)

Last year 36-year-old Novikov remarried, her
lover was businessman Alexey Sorokin. A new family life began to
stars same tale, the dream of every woman. Honeymoon
couple spent on an exotic island. Alex immediately became friends with
the sons of Xenia and dedicates to them and the wife all the free time.

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