История допинговых скандалов: Лэнс Армстронг и пять других спортсменов, стремившихся выиграть любой ценой

История допинговых скандалов: Лэнс Армстронг и пять других спортсменов, стремившихся выиграть любой ценой

Recent years the use of performance enhancing drugs has caused numerous international scandals

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As you know, the desire to be first
athletes in the blood. After all, if you don’t want to win, what sense to take
participation in competitions? So many talk, and some of the athletes
ready to fight for the laurels of the champion, using any means, including
illegal. Recent years the use of performance enhancing drugs was the cause of numerous international
scandals. However, the history of the use of different
sort of stimulants that increase the chances of winning, started in the deep

According to historians, at the Olympic games in Ancient
Greece, the birthplace of the world games, in the 3rd century BC, the athletes came up with
all sorts of tricks to increase your chances to win the competition.
It was believed, for example, that the constant use of significant amounts of
sesame seeds helps to enhance endurance runners. And some wrestlers before
the start of competition ate on the advice of “knowledgeable people” immediately before
competitions 10 pounds of lamb and sipped their wine … adding

The term “doping” was originally a name
drink, which was used during their religious rites some
South African tribes. And about doping in sport has become known
for the first time in the beginning of the last century. However, if the stimulants were given not to people, and
horses participating in the races. In 1903 was first caught red-handed
riders make their horses illegal injections of stimulants. First
of convicted was Frank Starr: he gave the horse a tool for a short time
dramatically increase the speed of his running. In the end, Starr was barred for life
from racing.

As for the athletes, for the first time the problem of performance enhancing drugs
attracted attention after a series of tragic incidents with
cyclists. So, at the Olympics in Rome in 1960, during a 100-kilometer race lost consciousness two athletes – the Danes Knud Jensen and jürgen Jorgensen.
In the end, Jensen died. And during 54th road race “Tour de France” died
the Englishman Thomas Simpson. The cause of death of these athletes tried to hide. But some time later it became known that all of them to increase their speed took large doses of stimulants.

The first sports organization declared war on performance-enhancing drugs, became the international Association of athletics. It
banned their use in 1928. But in 1950-60-ies due to the success of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry the use of performance enhancing drugs has become widespread. There followed a series of accidents due to excessive use of different kinds of stimulants. So,
at the Olympics of 1952 the help of doctors, it took several skaters, consume
large doses of amphetamine. And in 1960 at the Olympics in Melbourne as a result of application
the same tool has already killed the above mentioned Danish rider-cyclist Kurt Jensen. Then at the Olympics in Tokyo in
1964 it was decided to hold the first ever tests to detect the use of
athletes performance enhancing drugs, i.e. substances that allow competing odd
by improving your results.

Gradually, control over use of prohibited means
started taking widespread. For example, at the Olympics in Munich
was tested over 2,000 athletes and identified 7 offenders.

For violation of the law is punishment, period
which depends on the nature of the violation. If an athlete is convicted for the first time and
can prove that he used banned substances not intentionally —
for example, was not aware that it was part of any medicines or food
supplements, it suspended for two years. And if you dope intentionally or
was caught again, at least 4 years, and for life. Not to mention
that caught lose their awards. But among identified offenders
are sometimes the real stars of the sport! Marked the beginning of the doping scandal
this year, our compatriot Maria Sharapova, the victim because
the use of Meldonium is not the only athlete in this class.

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