Екатерина Волкова строит семейное гнездышко The actress told fans about the changes in her life. Ekaterina Volkova with her spouse Andrey Karpov decided to acquire their own housing. The actress asked fans tips on how to keep the peace in the relationship at the time of construction of the house.

      Popular actress Ekaterina Volkova decided to acquire their own housing. Apparently, the couple decided not to postpone the construction of the house. Despite the fact that the actress together with her husband Andrei Karpov can afford to hire professionals to free themselves from many difficulties, they decided to try their hand and to cope with the construction of a family nest. Now Catherine and Andrew choose the necessary materials for the future house.

      The actress is most upset that it is possible because of the construction she and her husband can arise.

      “I do not remember I spoke or not, but we are now at the stage of construction of its nest (still shot). And like all Russian soul, the people decided that will cope largely on their own. Today spent whole day to choose the materials. Repair the worst of the war. It’s about us. To compromise almost impossible. Now I am familiar with concepts such as pontoon, floors, insulation, polyurethane foam. Try as much as possible to cover the site. Who recently took it all on yourself, share how to keep peace in the family, when approaching the repair”, – appealed to his numerous fans of the actress.

      Photo published by Ekaterina Volkova (@volkovihome) Jul 20 2016 at 5:56 PDT

      As it turned out, among the followers Volkova were quite a few couples who not long ago passed the test of relationship repair. Fans shared some of the tricks to which they resorted to keep peace in the family during construction.

      “We had two repairs, the main thing is to concede and to compromise (although I don’t like our Wallpaper in the bedroom, happy one – year through three I will glue”, “to hand over the reins to some one, otherwise the scandals, quarrels and misunderstanding. The last repair I did, the husband did not intervene and did not penetrate at all, came in ready apartment, said, “I like”, “we Have all been according to plan. For the methods and selection of materials for soundproofing the entire apartment worked husband. I chose all, as for the interior, including Wallpaper, paint, flooring, bathroom, kitchen and so on. Never had a fight. The repair lasted eight months,” he told their stories to fans of the celebrity.

      Catherine admitted that a quarrel in the family break out quite often, but in serious conflict they turn. “Unable to mate because of some little thing, and it may come to divorce. However, only in words. All of us understand without each other we can not” – said the actress in an interview.

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