Эмбер Херд отказывается подписывать документы о конфиденциальности

Hollywood actor johnny Depp does not want his divorce was written in the tabloids every day, and his wife amber heard, on the contrary, wishes to tell all and Sundry what a monster she lived in his short marriage. A few days ago, the actress has demanded from the lawyers johnny provided a report on his finances. They agreed to show her this information, but on the condition that she would not be disclosed, and for this it is necessary to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Its decision as much as possible to spread about his personal life, johnny has stated in documents that recently came to the editor of one of the publications.
“Our amber’s divorce proceedings became public. Every day the journalists wrote the news, citing sources close to Hurd..” — so began the statement Depp. Lawyer Hollywood actor accuses lawyers of his wife that such a massive public hunt for news about the divorce of the famous couple – the work of their hands.
Stating that everyone has the right to protect their personal space, advocate on behalf of Depp requires the signing of a confidentiality agreement. In particular, it recalls that information on the financial situation needs to be hidden from journalists and the public.
Johnny proposed to amber a few versions of the agreement and even expressed its willingness to discuss the details of the document, if you heard this wish, but the actress has dismissed such a scenario. Apparently, the main desire of the offended women remains a public lynching of Suruga.
Recall that the news about the divorce of johnny Depp and his young wife amber heard came as a shock to all his fans, particularly shocked all the reasons for the breakup of the star couple. The actress has accused her husband of tyranny and despotism, stated that he was humiliated and physically abused her. As proof, she provided a photo of their latest scuffle, during which Depp allegedly threw her cell phone. Amber showed their bruises, posting photos on his page in the social network. Shocking information was immediately spread around the world, and although many do not believe that ducky Depp can treat a woman, a bad feeling in his reputation still remained.

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