Дмитрия Шепелева подозревают в подделке документов

After charity Fund “Rusfond” established after the fact of embezzlement of Finance collected for treatment Janna Friske scandal with the name of the deceased singer and her entourage does not subside until now. Family lawyer Jeanne Sergey Vladimirov sure that we are talking about hundreds of millions of rubles, and the main culprit sees civil husband Zhanna Dmitry Shepelev.

Дмитрия Шепелева подозревают в подделке документов
The human rights activist is sure that we are talking about a huge amount, and those few million, of whom so many are saying is just the tip of the iceberg. Jeanne were collected for the treatment not only compassionate citizens, but also her colleagues. It is known that a large amount was donated by Alla Pugachev, Konstantin and Valery Meladze, Philip Kirkorov, Lolita, Grigory Leps and many others. As it turned out, just for the fundraiser was opened nineteen accounts, so we are talking about hundreds of millions of rubles that disappeared who knows where.

According to personal investigation Sergey Vladimirov, the main suspect was, and remains, Dmitry Shepelev, who was suspiciously quick to issue the power of attorney as soon as Jeanne slipped into a coma. In addition, many documents are not only suspect, but must be revoked.
Thus, the power of attorney was issued in Miami, but printed in Russian. In an official document absent the mandatory count of payment of state duty, and issued it was only for a year. The notary attesting to the power of attorney, a native of Russia who lives in Miami. Suspicious and the fact that the apostille was made in Hamburg, and the translation of the document were made with … Russian to Russian.
“It shows the number of violations in the execution of official documents which need to nullify,” said the defender.

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