Создатели «Стартрека» не будут искать замену Антону Ельчину

The producer of “star trek” J. J. Abrams said that the recently deceased actor Anton Elchina will not look for a replacement. His character simply withdraw from the plot of the fourth film. In an interview with The Daily Mail, the producer said that the replacement of the deceased actor could not even be considered.

“I think Anton deserves better,” said Abrams, and said that the writers are already working on this issue – maybe the character Alcina die, or maybe just leave the service on the ship “enterprise”.
Will soon begin shooting the fourth “star trek”, although the final release date of the tape, as, indeed, on the commencement date of filming unknown. Media have reported that the main role will perform all the same Chris pine, and as father James Kirk we will again see Chris Hemsworth.
Recall that Anton Yelchin is ridiculous died on June 19 in California: the young man was pinned by the car to the gate of the house – the heavy SUV was left in neutral with the engine running.

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