Ekaterina Volkova admitted that she and her husband began to argue

Екатерина Волкова призналась, что они с мужем стали больше спорить
The actress told how to be when spouses work together.

Ekaterina Volkova and Andrey Karpov

Photo: Instagram

Ekaterina Volkova admitted that her new joint project
with her husband, Andrei Karpov was challenging for their relationship. Beautiful
and harmonious Duo turned into a couple of the leading expert in show on STS “Mr. and Mrs. Z”.

“When Andrew suggested that we work together, I
happy — shared star “Voronin”. — Thought it was cool that
more time we spend together. But in the end became only more arguing.
Home — repair and construction, work on the pipes. Live and learn:
patience and compromise! We try!” Also, the actress asked
followers of his microblog, whether they had a similar experience. “And you once
worked with your partner? Did not want to kill each other?” — laughs

Recall that in the TV show “Mr. and Mrs. Z” on channel STS the couple in
surrounded by luxury cars, glamorous clothes and interiors, as well as novelties
cosmetology will debunk the most popular myths from the medical field.
Also “Mr. and Mrs. Z” will put a visual experimentation to understand
for example, how to instantly get rid of spider veins or
to analyze the impact of snake venom on human blood.