Anfisa Chekhov bought a car worth five million

Анфиса Чехова купила машину стоимостью в пять миллионов
The TV presenter opted for Marche Posrche Cayenne.

Anfisa Chekhova

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Anfisa Chekhov has presented a magnificent gift… to myself! TV presenter
bought a new car. The star opted for a luxurious car
luxury Posrche Cayenne, which starts from five million.

“Received as a gift from a reverent admirer of his talent…
— smiles Again — From yourself!” Fans congratulated Chekhov with a good purchase and of course
well, admired her new iron friend.

We will remind, the former car brand Audi has served Anfisa faith
and true for ten years. Chekhov decided to sell it and just a couple of days to buy a new one. At
recognized presenter at parting with his old Lady, she even cried.

“Happily, that the sale of the car took place without pain, says
Chekhov. — All these ads, shows, buyers are terribly afraid. All
because I sold the car through the company. Came, passed the car, drank
coffee looked like on the big screen hundreds of dealers are fighting a life and
death for my car, and at the end of the auction, I announced the final price
which quite coincided with my expectations!”