Boris korchevnikov remembered as the father was dying before his eyes

Борис Корчевников вспомнил, как отец умирал на его глазах Leading shared memories of the loved one in a live TV show. Boris korchevnikov openly talked about that a long time did not communicate with the parent Vyacheslav Orlov. He took an active part in the upbringing of his son. Despite this, Boris does not test negative emotions in relation to the parent.
Борис Корчевников вспомнил, как отец умирал на его глазах

The next issue of “live” was dedicated to the relationship between fathers and children, who sometimes are very complex. In the Studio touched on the dramatic history of the conflicts of different generations, when in fact, to forget all grudges took years. Their memories also shared Boris korchevnikov.

Boris korchevnikov will lead to Orthodox channel

Host of a talk show spoke about the death of his father, whose funeral took place in 2015. Showman said that he remembered the family member throughout the program. Boris korchevnikov met a parent Vyacheslav Orlov, a former Director of the Pushkin Theatre when he was thirteen years old.

Dad leading did not participate in the upbringing of his son. However korchevnikov not experiencing negative emotions in relation to the relative. “My dad wasn’t living with me. It went wrong in relation to the mother. He left her when she was pregnant. It did not help, and in no way participated. I have enough reasons to consider it for anyone. And even to be offended and to hate him… I don’t know, maybe I put this is the mother, but for some reason I thought of it,” shared Boris.

Shortly before the eagles departed this life, korchevnikov called him and arranged a meeting. Before that, they had not crossed for several years. Boris even communicated with the parent. When the master finally saw your father, was surprised and felt sorry for the man who was to him not a stranger.

“He was very ill, very lonely, Smoking and drinking all the time coffee man. I fought tears when I talked with him and knew that he was going to die soon. But somehow I felt that meeting this need. By the way, I was not afraid not one bit, because he understood that he’s still a dad. Anyway, the father is the one who gave birth. I couldn’t let go that this man lives somewhere alone. He was not a stranger to me, is the father… And then he was gone. He was dying, and I was there. He died, practically holding my hand in his” – frankly told the leading.

Earlier in one of interview Boris korchevnikov told that before his death his father was in a coma for several months. “He struggled, suffered greatly, died,” – said the presenter. When Vyacheslav Orlov was in intensive care, he acquainted the son with a daughter from other relationships. During a conversation with journalists, Boris said that she works as a primary school teacher. The host was genuinely happy to have a sister.