Ekaterina Klimova had an affair with a hockey player.

Екатерина Климова закрутила роман с хоккеистом
The actress commented on the changes in your life.

Ekaterina Klimova, Denis Nikiforov

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Ekaterina Klimova
fell in love with hockey and intends to seek the location of the athlete. “Nuance” of the situation is that the man is married and is an exemplary family man. Such events unfold in the new the final season of “Youth”, the shooting of which
started the other day. At the end of the story
hockey club “Bears” heroes waiting for the big tests, most of which
will be the emergence of ambitious business woman Victoria Brown, who played
Klimova. Her character not only will be the sports Director of “Bears”, but
decides to win the heart of ex-hockey player Makeeva (Denis Nikiforov).

“My Victoria is like a breath of fresh
air — appears and changes everything, — says Ekaterina. We only know that
she is the athletic Director. But who is she, where, why
doing the same thing? She has a musical theme, your trail of the past, its
history. And I as a woman are always interesting sensual background: whomever I
played, the President, woman in uniform, still looking for love story or a cause
its absence”.

In the life of the actress —
active football fans, who also does not pass and hockey games. “I do like sports. In addition to football and hockey, my family
watch Boxing, basketball, figure skating. I have older boys and girls, — says the actress. — What
for hockey, of course, great that our “red car” again recently
did the whole world.”

The first day of shooting, which took place in the training
center “Novogorsk”, Catherine supported just two old friends — partners
the series of STS Denis Nikiforov Maxim Shchegolev (Alexander Tochilin). “Max we
already filmed, and with Denis practically grew up together — familiar with the student
bench. In parallel he graduated from the drama College, spent time in General
the companies worked on joint projects”, — says the star.