Настасья Самбурская рассказала о проблемах со здоровьем
Actress excited fans with their words.

Photo: Instagram

Nastasya Samburski has become popular not only because of movie roles or scandalous nature, but also due to its ideal body. The figure of the actress — not a good combination of genes, but only her own heavy daily work in the gym. Nastasia does not hide that is seriously engaged in sports, and proper nutrition and all sorts of “drying” — not just empty words for her. She even became the face of one of the most famous sports clothing brands! But recently, the star thrilled fans with a message that it is now impossible to play sports.

It was as if “by the way”. Once again in his personal blog Saburskaya tried to “reach out” to people, explaining that sport and a beautiful body — are important components of a successful person. She spoke out against the propaganda of self-acceptance in their natural form.

“You want to be plump? — she wrote. — But why this propaganda to the masses! Why confuse the girls, which the gym crying. You want to say that a healthy, toned body — is the destiny of men? A lot of women — a sandwich with sausage in the folds in the morning to find? It is better to spend two hours on the bath meal rather than a full-fledged sport? Since you for accepting yourself for who you are, stop and paint, why bluish complexion, pour a Foundation, why increase the lips, why the lashes to build the spider (have pity on arachnophobes) and claws grow! If positive and accepting yourself and your body, let’s do it to the end! And about the hair not sure. On seeeem body. Yes, it is my issue, I often give up the slack. At the moment, temporarily, for technical reasons, the room I contraindicated, and me increasingly bears to eat cipcode…”

These “technical reasons” extremely excited followers of the actress. Translated from the allegorical, which means that Samburski revealed problems with health. The star remains silent and does not give details of what happened to her. But fans have suggested that Nastasia corny “overdo” and now she has to recover before I start the intense training.