Galina Yudashkin phenomenally quickly recovered after giving birth

Галина Юдашкина феноменально быстро восстановилась после родов
The daughter of a fashion designer, just a few days ago gave birth to a second child, have returned to active life.

Galina Yudashkin phenomenally quickly recovered after the birth. On March 28, she gave birth to a son, Arkady, and yesterday with his family visited the fair in the Park of Florida. There she took eldest son on the rides, introduced him to how caring for animals on the farm and even milked a cow.

On Galina was wearing a large dress, hiding a little “postpartum belly”. Thus the appearance Umaskini than not betrayed the fact that she just recently again became a mother. Usually girls need a week to fully “recover”, but Galina was able to return to daily activities in a much shorter period of time. It is worth noting that Umaskini is “at hand” several assistants, ready at any moment to support her. Galina’s mother Marina took care of a little of Anatolia, and her husband, Peter Maksakov, helps with the care of Arkady.

We will remind that Galina gave birth in the States twice already. For the first time in 2016 Yudashkin came back with my son within a month after birth. Probably this time she also won’t stay long in Florida. Because it is waiting for work: recently in the capital was a collection of Yudashkin kids at which creation Yudashkin worked for a long time. The show was a success and the role models were the most popular celebrity children: Lisa Galkin, Hope Peskov, Margaret shore and others.